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Training Solutions

More than 80 extremely well designed and tested Training programs, all based on the concept of “The Moment”, …Read more→




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The Moment Concept

Our solutions compromises of sensible approach to effective results…Read more→



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The Framework

The success of our approach is based on the well integrated Framework. It is not training, it is more of a sensible integrated system that finally brings positive results…Read more→




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Mystery Shopping

Mystery Shopping in 7 Quality is based on Customers Emotional Experience. Regular Standards are easier to audit, however Human feelings are critical in ensuring they will come back to you…Read more→




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The Momentor

This is our Smart and free (for our clients) Software to monitor Service as it happens…Read more→



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Team Building by the Moment

It is not only about having fun, it is more about building your company’s future and direction. It is more about setting up and agreeing where you are going, and how to get there…Read more→


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[home_marketing_testimonials title=”Our Clients Say it Best”]


[testimonial client=”John Pelling”] I find your approach refreshing as it is more focused on the staff performance than some of your competitors. At the end of the day, this is the key to our success. In addition, the presentation itself was very well structured and informative, I like very much the way it highlights the things to celebrate as well as the areas for improvement…[/testimonial]

[testimonial client=”Ashraf Helmi”] The training programs are spot on. This approach to service improvement is magnificent, and is exactly what is required in this part of the world.[/testimonial]

[testimonial client=”Mohamad Nagdy”]

We have been pleasantly surprised to meet with a professional organization well prepared to respond to the Human resources needs of our dynamic organizations. 7 Quality is effectively a strategic partner, providing efficient and timely services that well suit our Consulting firm needs of focusing on clients’ relationships and satisfaction[/testimonial]

[testimonial client=”Eyad Hamed”]

I just wanted to send you a quick note telling you how much privileges we had at your ongoing training sessions.

The benefits were great. The benefit has been seen at both personal and organizational levels. All staff starts looking forward to the Training programs and have ideas on how it will help them move forward. Doing the same with sustainable engagement, as the Changes are ongoing, to ensure that momentum for change is carried forward, and we are working to maintain the monitoring and evaluation, to ensure high standards of service delivery.

We’re keenly aware that doing training only without proper translation of the same can’t ‘heal’ us. Thinking about the best service delivery is something we’ll all hopefully continue to do in our work with your support, for months to come.