Human Capital Consultancy

Managing Human Capital can be challenging,

which is why we offer a range of consultation services to make it easier

Streamline your HR with our expert consultancy! We offer everything from compliance guidance to performance management, building effective teams and a smooth-running organization.

Comprehensive HR Solutions for Businesses of All Sizes

Recruitment & Talent Acquisition:

  • Executive Search & Mid-Level Recruitment
  • High-Volume Recruitment (Across Industries)
  • Candidate Sourcing & Screening
  • Interviewing & Assessment Techniques
  • Onboarding & Retention Support

Talent Management & Development:

  • Performance Management Systems & Reviews
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Employee Training & Development Programs
  • Career Coaching & Mentoring
  • Succession Planning & Workforce Development

Compensation & Benefits:

  • Salary Benchmarking & Market Analysis
  • Benefits Administration & Design
  • Total Rewards Strategy Development
  • Stock Option Plans & Equity Compensation

Employee Relations & Compliance:

  • Workplace Investigations & Dispute Resolution
  • Employee Handbook Development & Compliance
  • Anti-Discrimination & Harassment Training
  • Leave Management & Accommodations
  • Regulatory Compliance & Legal Advice (Labor Laws)

HR Strategy & Operations:

  • HR Audit & Needs Assessment
  • HR Policy & Procedure Development
  • HR Technology Implementation & Integration
  • Organizational Design & Change Management
  • Employer Branding & Employee Engagement Strategies

Additional Services:

  • Payroll Administration & Outsourcing
  • Health & Safety Compliance
  • HR Analytics & Reporting
  • Mergers & Acquisitions HR Support
  • Outplacement Services

Why choose 7 Quality


Will help you save money by providing expert advice and support on a wide range of HR issues, rather than having to hire a full-time HR employee.

Experience and expertise

Experience to help you navigate the complexities of HR, and provide you with best practices, tailored to your specific needs.

Employee relations

Will be able to navigate complex employee relations issues, and we will provide you with guidance on how to best handle these situations.

Time saving

We can take on the burden of HR administration and free up your time to focus on your business's core operations.


We can provide an objective perspective on your company's HR practices, and identify areas that need improvement.

Access to the latest technology

We have access to the latest HR technology that can help streamline your HR processes.

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