“The Moment©” Concept – 7 Quality Flagship

“A sensible approach to Business, that focuses on People’s emotions, and how it can make a difference”


Introduction to the concept

Your customers will decide whether or not to come back to you, based on the emotional experience they’ve had in your company.

Here is how their emotional experience is built:
Every time a service provider meets a customer, an impression is created. The result of the interaction could be either Positive, average or Negative. A negative impact will mean the customer will probably make a conscious decision of never coming back again. An average impression is also not good news. It means that your company will soon be forgotten. The customer did not “Bookmark” you, and will be looking forward to try something new. The only way to create repeat business is to create positive impressions, or great emotional experiences for your customers.

The opportunity to create repeat business is at each and every Moment© where any interaction takes place.

7 Quality delivers effective Training solutions based on the concept of the Moment©.

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