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The idea here, is to share good service moments and build a database of all great places you are visiting. We will share all of this information in an organized sheet and will give access to all of you, and will update you.

This will be a great tool for all of us to be guided by, when we choose which hotel, restaurant we want to go to next time.

This will also hopefully encourage service providers to take us serious and do somenthing about their bad service to reach to the stage of being “Moment friendly” recognized

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  1. admin

    Selling and complaint handling..Burjuman Rotana Business Center
    I was greatly impressed by the Kenyan Waitress. She really convinced me to go for Chocolate fudge, though it is not my favourite usually. She was so focused and adamant to sell. When I complained about lack of wifi, she also handled this very well. Not to mention that she was smiling throughout. Just wanted to share this with you…

  2. admin

    In Hilton Jumeirah, I had a very good experience with the valet parking attendant. I forgot to get my parking ticket stamped at the restaurant, and he was great accepting this and took my word for it. When I advised him that I am not leaving yet and that I will first go for a walk, he took the card and signed it saying that he wants to make sure, when I am back that no one stops me. Great customer service.

  3. admin

    At Le Meredian Hotel, the waitress reminded me of my military service. Thank God, when I asked her why she was so serious, she actually smiled. That took her a second.

  4. admin

    Helpfulness: Fuddrruckers
    When I called for utilising the Groupon voucher at Festival City, the restaurant representative advised that it was only applicable in Jumeriah branch.

    What I liked was that..
    he offered to give me the telephone number and was not eager to just hang up.
    Also what I liked was that when I asked if the voucher was applicable on weekends, he asked me to wait to validate the information, instead of just giving me a quick answer.
    Well done “Alvine”

  5. admin

    Care Attitude: Coffe Beans
    In Coffee beans and though few things did not work well, A couple of things where actually very touchy.
    the waiter came outside where we are sitting and on his own adjusted the umbrella position as he felt that the sun was bothering us.
    Well done
    Also as we spilled the coffee they did not hesitate to replace it ..For Free

  6. admin

    Fuddrruckers continued to be a very pleasant experience. The common positive thing in all staff was Smile. Ann in particular, was smiling, accommodating, great listener, and every singel request was made.
    Great one.

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